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Biodiversity for Medicine and Environment

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Since more than 50 years, the AdMU Department of Biology offers research opportunities that reflect the up-to-date breadth of the discipline. This is a direct result of the multidisciplinary nature of modern biology—where applications of common principles, concepts, and methods from mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science provide fresh perspectives into biological problems. Because of this, our students are exposed to a wide range of research techniques that encompass all levels of biological organization—from molecular and cellular to populations and ecosystems.

All research activities are clustered in three domains. Several research projects operate in more than one cluster due to the multidisciplinary nature of modern biology.


The Department‘s Biomedical Research cluster focuses on basic, applied and translational medical research relevant to Philippine and global health.

Ecology & Systematics

The faculty of this cluster perform taxonomic, evolutionary and ecological research with a particularly strong focus on aquatic organisms.

Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

This research cluster explores the basic mechanisms in molecular biological processes focusing on cell biology, genetics, functional genomics and biotechnology

Projects and Faculty pages

These pages link to websites of long-term research projects and individual faculty members.


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