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Current Team


Dr. N. Tan Gana (head)

Dr. M. Chan

Dr. F. Gealogo

Dr. M. Gellynck

Dr. H. Liwanag

Mr. R. Cruz

Ms. P. Gulpeo

Current Projects


Transcriptomic regulation of human viral diseases:bioinformatic and molecular investigations (Dr. N. Tan Gana)

Tuklas Lunas Essential National Health Research (Tuklas Lunas  Development Center , Dr. M. Chan)

Human exposures in mining sites – sub-project of interdisciplinary program “Integrated Sensing System Using Mobile and Cloud Technologies for Mining and Nearby Communities” (Dr. M. Gellynck, Dr. M. Chan; 2013-2015; PCHIEERD)

Community Health Research lifestyle diseases, tropical diseases (Dr. M. Chan, Dr. H. Liwanag, Dr. M. Gellynck)



Using multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches, our team is composed of individuals and medical practitioners knowledgeable on tools and techniques of bioinformatics and computational biology, biostatistics, cell and molecular biology, drug discovery, genomics, microbiology, natural products development, virology and especially transcriptomics.


Mission and Core Values


The Department‘s Biomedical Research cluster’s thrust is to contribute basic, applied and translational medical knowledge relevant to Philippine and global health.


Department of Biology, Ateneo de Manila University

Rm 105-A G/F Science Education Complex-A,

Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights

1108 Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: (02) 426 6001 ext. 5610

Fax: (02) 426 1034

E-mail: biology[at]ateneo.edu